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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

pity, pity, pity me!! ....

I HATE SUMMER COLDS!! Damnit. I've got it all. Took thedaughter to Ohio State University Hospital for her monthly checkup (following bone removal), and before we left, I knew I was getting the sniffles. Well, by the time we got home (5:30 pm), I got my clothes changed and thought I would prefer death. No head should hold this much stuff, sore throat, and puking my guts out. YUCK!! And to kick it all off, the weather is staggeringly HOT and HUMID. Just throw the dirt on my face now!!

Mom2 went with thedaughter, thegrandson and myself to Columbus. Trips are always fast when she is with me, because we NEVER SHUT UP. We can talk about anything and (god forbid) anyone! We stopped at The Andersons, a general store off Brice Road on the way home. We were told it was an awesome place. More of a step-down Super WalMart. I didn't see any super bargains. Got myself and thegrandson doo rags, so now we are COOL. Got him a basketball game and a kids chair in a bag. Sorry Slyght, I can't resist getting stuff for him.

I set up another blog site to share all the juicy details about "my lovelife" with theson. It won't be published here, as yet, because of privacy issues. HAHAHAHA. theson is aware of his status and wealth, and we decided to keep this in the family for now. hey son, promised you a wonderful daddy - you may just get one!!! BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!

theson has been having troubles with his blog lately, some indian jerk may have banned certain areas of his blogsite. could be just a glitch also, once he navigates thru another system, he then can see his and other blogs, so keep commenting on his site, he will get them. Hopefully, he will be leaving India in the very near future. Talking about heading to Kazhakstan - ouch!! I wasn't all that thrilled when he was in Turkmenistan. Oh hell, moms always worry.

Did y'all hear Dubya use the word "shite" on TV? He is human after all. A jerk maybe, but human. He is probably staying up nights figuring how to get our troops into Israel now!! I don't think he is happy unless we are involved in other countries problems - literally! Idiot!!

Gonna go flush my head out now!! Everyone stay healthy and TTFN!


slyght said...

love life, eh? yours is coming, mine is going. hah.

do tell.

Paul said...

'''Actually slyght, I'd bet that yours is just on hold for now...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather but happy you have developed a new relationship... Hope it all works out for you. I'm guessing someone you met on the cruise... and you almost cancelled at one point!