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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

...baby it's hot outside!!!

trying to get pics of thegrandson and friends running thru and playing in the neighbors sprinkler yesterday. Let's see if this works. thegrandson is the one in the red shorts and blonde hair. two more pics of my 15 and 11 yr old grandsons w/ colton at their last baseball game (last weekend.)

The weather has been unbearable, so the kids really had a blast with the sprinklers. Today the temp registered 101 degrees. Supposedly tomorrow will be much like today, utility companies are asking for voluntary conservancy of electric usage. I can understand that! All I want running is the AC and everyone knows how I hate to receive my electric bill. But I just can't suffer the heat anymore. Old age is a wonderful thing!!! IT SUCKS!!!

Theson is trying his hardest to get out of India for a month R & R. he wants to hit the NASCAR race in Bristol with his buddies, and cram a lot of america into his short time in the states. He needs the break.

More later. gonna crash for now. stay healthy all. TTFN.

*** just an observation but I have had over 237 visits from a site in Reston, Virginia. Curious hmmm, where is the CIA headquarters. I might be bugged. hahahahahaha

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slyght said...

that might be my friend trinny. she lives in VA somewhere. she is cool. later