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Friday, April 28, 2006

Times Up! Back to India!

Well, I knew the ten or so days Zac was going to be home would go fast, but whew!! they just flew by. A lot had to be crammed into those days, which only accelerated the trip. We had Brenda's wedding on Saturday, Carrie's surgery on Tuesday and had to fit all the visits and playtime in between. It literally broke my heart to send him back today. I've been tracking him on Google Earth and he just passed over New Foundland a shor time ago.

I miss his humor so much when he is not here. We make fun of everything and everyone. We are definitely equal opportunity people. Everything and everyone is always fair game. As far as I know, he managed to get everyone everything he promised, except for 2 cans of Guiness - sorry to whomever that was promised.

The packing was the fun part. If Zac had to do it his way, he would need 14 suitcases. BUT I AM THE QUEEN OF PACKING. One bag was strictly canned goods and food products. His main suitcase was essentials, and I had left over space for more food products. Some non-essential things were left here, which I will get boxed and shipped this coming week. Should be interesting when and if he ever comes home (or leaves India) - he will have to have an entire FedEx semi hired to ship everything back home.

He had fun in Columbus with his "buddies", whether playing poker or going to those "gentlemans clubs." Such a worldly young man.

Totally exhausted, going to bed for now and watch my favorite "Real Time with Bill Maher." Laugh myself to sleep. More later. Take care all. 41 days til I am sailing.!! Yippee!!

1 comment:

Jules said...

That's funny, Zac is always saying men are superior at "spacial skills", I would think that would include packing!? Thanks for making sure all the essential items (food!!!) fit, we'll enjoy it all very much!