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Saturday, April 22, 2006


I am a firm believer that all the money spent on elaborate weddings is just pissed down the tube. All that fluff and what do you have to show for it down the road? The same piece of paper you would have if you eloped!!

The ceremony is over the reception is over and the bride (my daughter) and groom are on their way to a hotel in Pittsburgh, as their flight is at 7 am tomorrow morning to Jamaica. AND MY FEET ARE KILLING ME!!!! Not to mention my legs, back and other body parts. So therefore, I must have had a good time. My daughter was a beautiful bride. My other daughter was a beautiful bridesmaid (considering she hates femininity altogether.) We went thru hell this morning just getting my daughters hair done.

I had made an appointment at the Regis hair salon at the mall for 10 am this morning for Carrie to get a wash, cut and style, possibly an updo. I dropped her off and went to get champagne and champagne glasses and when I got back to the mall, the girl was already pinning her hair in silly little curls on top of her head. I said the girl must be quick, and was then informed that they didn't have time to wash or cut her hair, just put it on top of her head. NOW I AM FURIOUS. I made a specific appointment for a specific job and they arbitrarily change the program. It was hideous and they then charged me $35. No wash - no product used - just a head full of bobby pins. I will get my $35 back - I will be contacting the corporate offices and any persons of importance. I had to take her to another salon and get it all redone. ($45 there) Now the wedding is at 2:30pm, the limo is supposed to pick Carrie up at home at 1:20 pm. That went to hell fast. We got out of the salon at 1:30 and made a mad dash home to get clothes on, me fix my hair and travel 11 miles to the church. We made it at 2:25 pm. I hate being late and hate being rushed even more. For that alone I will get even with REGIS SALONS.

All in all, everyone looked beautiful, the limo got everyone where they had to be, and the reception and food was all great. Now I am ready for my breakdown. Carrie and Zac have each gone out for the evening, Colton is at the babysitters, and all I want to do is cry. Just nerves and anxiety, I will get over it.

Zac is leaving for Columbus in the morning and that pretty much ends our visit, as I won't see him till the night before he leaves to go back to India. More heartbreak. I miss the big boy when he is gone.

Tomorrow will be "rest up" day for me, as Monday it is off to Columbus again, Carrie's surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning. Always something.

Enough for now - I am pooped!!! Nite Nite!!

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Paul said...

After going through 3 marriages myself (yea, I know, I'm not that good at relationships...) and marrying off one of my daughters (with one more to go!) I couldn't agree with you more. Lots of money, energy, emotions, etc for something that doesn't usually mean a lot more than a quick civil ceremony further down the road... Just think, all that for a few pictures.... Congrats on getting through it though. Sounds like it was a tough day. Now it's done and you can look forward to that awesome cruise...