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Saturday, April 22, 2006

crazy, chaotic days

My oldest daughter is getting married this afternoon and it has really been chaotic the past couple of days. I must explain, that my daughter is 35 years old and I gave her up for adoption when she was born, as I was an 18 year old unwed mother (a real stigma in those days). I never stopped thinking about her, but knew I had made the right decision for me at the time. Many years later, with my new family, I had never kept it a secret about the child I gave up for adoption. Fourteen years ago, I had made an agressive search to find my biological family (I too, was adopted, with my twin sister), and made great strides. During this process, I got a call from the adoption agency I used in 1970, that my daughter would like to meet me, if I was willing. I had made the process easy for her to find me, and we met, she was married with a one year old son. since then, we have been one extended family. I get along well with her adoptive parents (who divorced) and the "steps", we are just one group of crazy people.

This is Brenda's 2nd marriage, and I truly love my new "son-in-law" and feel they will have a good realtionship. Zac and Carrie also get along wonderfully. Going to be interesting, Brenda with her Irish heritage marrying this Italian gentleman. Could be some interesting disagreements at times.

Had the rehearsal dinner last night and met Pete's family (a good many drove up from Florida), he actually has an "Uncle Vinny" and a "cousin Vinny" - so Italian. I just LOVE his mother Donna, she is a trip. Unfortunately, the weather is gloomy and may rain today - so we will just have to make up for it at the reception. Party hardy!!!

***Just a note - I made the arrangements for the limo (a good friend of mine) and have left messages for him with NO return calls and have been having kittens worrying about what to do. Well, the prick just called me and everything is COOl. Whew, another thing off my mind.

The best release of all is --- MY CRUISE, FLIGHT AND HOTEL ARE BOOKED AND CONFIRMED. Took care of everything yesterday, and I am sailing on June 10th to the Eastern Caribbean. Got my balcony room, a non-stop flight to Ft. Lauderdale (one change on return), and a hotel room the night before embarkation. I am soooo excited I could scream (oops, think I did that.) I wish my best friend could go with me (we always have super fun), but she has health issues at the moment that preclude her traveling. I have no problems with traveling alone, I make friends easy and enjoy solitude also. Maybe we will plan another group cruise for next year. I get free internet on the ship, will try to blog, but have to wait and see if it is feasible. Just 48 days from now (I will be putting the countdown in all blog posts) I will be in puppy heaven.

Okay, time to get some things done (hair, makeup and all the "fluff" stuff for the wedding). Details later (and hopefully some pics). Take care all.

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