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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

my (big) baby is home!!! luv ya zac

Well, I picked up my son at the Pittsburgh Airport last night, and all is well with the world, albeit for a short time. He looks wonderful, has lost about 15 pounds, and his wonderful, crazy sense of humor is still intact. His plane was an hour late, so I made new friends in the airport while waiting, so not a bad waiting period. Got his baggage (it all made it) and headed home. He wanted a steak dinner more than anything, but all the steakhouses (Max & Erma's, Lone Star, Outback's) were all closed. Even his favorite Smokey Bones and Olive Garden were closed. So we ended up at Eat 'n Park (or Arf and Barf) for a burger. We were both starved so it was better than nothing.

Got back to Bellaire about 12:15 am, and Colton (the grandson) was just dozing off, when Zac totally surprised him - it was a Kodak moment and no camera in sight. The little guy LIVES for his Uncle Zac. We were all exhausted and crashed rather quickly.

Zac couldn't even sleep in this morning, he was up by 8:30 am. We had a full day planned, and quite hectic at that. Colton had a cold (coughing and hacking) which miraculously healed itself after we called him off of school. Zac, Colton and I headed to the mall, with a full agenda, and we accomplished 98% of that list. Colton kept his uncle really running, but Zac loves it. Note: Zac started opening all his presents to himself first thing this morning, and he is like a wide eyed child getting a new toy. OH... that is because everything was a toy. How he finds these creatively ingenious items totally amazes me. He has opened about 20 boxes and isn't even half done. Bless his heart.

Zac, Colton, the daughter, Mom2 and her husband, and her brother Donald and Mary, Anthony, Stephanie and Christa (whew!!!)oops and Kim, all went to the famous (or infamous) West Texas Roadhouse for dinner and it was hysterical. We all have an enormous amount of fun when we are there. Zac treated for dinner and left the waitress (or server) a beautiful tip, but that is the way he is. A very generous loving soul!

He has gone to "Flanagans" to meet Mom2's husband for a quick drink and laugh or two (right???) I am worn out and headed to my bed, have to work in the morning, then I am off till next Thursday. Yea!!!!

Hold tight for the next installment, will keep you all informed of Zac's (slyghts) latest adventure. Nite all!!!

1 comment:

Paul said...

I know you are excited having Zac home for a bit but you didn't have to post it twice... ;-D