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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Hoppy Easter!!!

Well, it was a beautiful day, baked a ham early, the daughter made scalloped potatoes, and I actually had the client from hell come at 12:30 pm. Now, this old man came to me 2 years ago and I was tickled to death when he didn't return. He questioned every little move I made, and hovered over my shoulder the entire time I was preparing his return, then called a million times after returning home, with the SAME questions. sunny beaches, he called Friday evening and wanted an appointment (and talked on phone repetitiously for over 1/2 hour), and I told him to come Saturday evening around 6 pm, as I worked till 5. He showed up, and said he changed his mind and was going to try and do his own return, which was super fine with me, and stood on the porch talking for another 1/2 hour. He really rambles on and on and never wants to leave. He called and left a message on the machine at 11:15 pm last night, but I didn't pick up - just said he wanted to ask me something. When he called at 9 am this morning - he changed his mind again, and being the nice person I am, I said to come between 12 and 12:30, BECAUSE it was Easter and we had to go somewhere. It took me probably 20 minutes to do his return, and he stayed 2 hours, with questions on the return. HE IS DEFINITELY OCD. With a little Alzheimers thrown in for good measure.

I make the whole tax procedure sooooo easy for my clients. When completed they are given a folder with all information supplied by them STAPLED in said folder, a cover sheet noting whether they get a refund or they owe (and who to make the check payable), and all information (returns) are paper-clipped with envelopes attached and marked where they are to sign. I must have explained this to the old guy a thousand times and he just didn't get it. He kept saying the tax book says this and that - and I explained that I do know what I am doing, have been doing this for 30 years and update necessary courses regularly. I finally had him make out his checks while here and attached them to the appropriate forms and son of a b**ch if he didn't call again at 9 o'clock tonite. If I weren't balding already I would be pulling my hair out!!! He asked if I had caller ID, so if he called and doesn't leave a message, I could call him back. I told him I DON'T have caller ID, so he would have to leave messages (I lied) and he said since he knows where I work, he might contact me there. I emphatically said he could NOT call me at work. I hope the Alzheimers takes over and he forgets where he put the return with my name and number, for next year. I will have to start a series of Prozac to deal with him.

I had 3 pick ups (of returns) and had 2 returns to complete today. In between all this, I got really sick. Barfing up a perfectly good meal. Took a lot out of me, and now feel like crap. I think it is a combination of nerves, end of tax season crunch and the anticipation of seeing my son on Tuesday. Not seeing him for eight months has been so hard. Thank god for the internet and the webcam or I would have gone completely nuts. His stay here will be way to short. He should be getting on his first airplane out of India soon.

Going to put my crappy ass in bed for now, head is exploding also. Happy Easter to all!! Felt bad I couldn't even get to Mom2's even. Will make up for it later. Nite Nite.


Jules said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. You should get well soon as you're crazy son is one hour away from stepping on the first of four planes to the US. Enjoy your time with him, we'll miss him here!

Paul said...

By now I'm sure you are feeling better and enjoying some time with Zac... Have fun, enjoy the visit...