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Monday, April 10, 2006

well i really got that wrong...

OK - forget everything I said about the daughters surgery last week. I misunderstood the doctor completely. Not that I am dumb or anything (because I definitely am not), but he talks so fast I guess I only caught PART of what he said. We went back for a follow up and to have the half cast removed today, and apparently he did find some bone problems and she will definitely have one bone removed and 3 fused if possible. If not possible, he will be removing several. With this procedure, her wrist will lose some back and forth motion but not enough to be disabling. But he guarantees she will no longer suffer the awful pain she has in the past. This doctor is a trip, funny as hell. Looks like Drew Careys TALL sidekick (c'mom tell me his name). He is at least 6'6". If I were 20 years younger I might chase after him (after beating his wife to a pulp). Right!! The surgery is set for April 25th. We will be in Columbus for another 2 nights again, hopefully for the last time. Probably at least 2 follow ups after that. She will have a full cast for 6 weeks minimum and unable to work at all for a definite 3 months.

They are so efficient at OSU it totally amazes me. Our appointment was at 1:50 pm, and we got there on the dot, and were in and out and on our way home at 2:30 pm. Incredible.

Great Sunday for me, up at 6 am, went to tan at 9 and my appointment was for 11:30 - blew that one. So I cancelled the appointment altogether and came home and worked on tax returns from 9:30 am - 11:30 pm - NONSTOP. I had an incredible headache all day today because of it. I got all but 3 returns completed, but now have to put them together, call the clients and collect my $$$$. I wish I wasn't so cheap. Usually I save most of my tax money for vacation, but have spent a good bit on gasoline and incidentals for all these trips to Columbus. No big deal, you do what you have to do!!! Thanks to Slyght, he used his hotel rewards points for the hotel on two occasions so far. Thank you baby!!

Well, it is 10:30 pm and I am totally exhausted - think it is time for me to crash - behave everyone!! Be back later.


slyght said...

it's lewis. LEWIS!!! not oswald. you know oswald's full name was oswald lee harvey. hah.

hey when you go to columbus, maybe you wanna bring colton up? i can't spend tons of time with you, sorry, i'll have spent the week before with, but i'd love to take him to the columbus zoo or COSI... yeah COSI, that'd be great. or you can take him and i'll stay with carrie. whatever, just think on it.

i'll probably go get the room in person when i go up there. pay cash and get some more qualifying nights. need to get my points...

slyght said...

i'll be on a plane in just over 48 hours. YEA!!! any thoughts on colton to cols? love ya, later