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Monday, May 12, 2008

Many adjectives to describe Cairo, Egypt...

I have been kept busy the entire time I have been here (I arrived last Wednesday, and my body has been "through the mill!"

I am amazed most at the overcrowding and the conditions under which some people live. Where theson lives (Old Maadi) is considered a "rich" area of Cairo, and we have seen some really deplorable areas also. Everything done for you is meriting a "tip", and these Egyptians are very persistant. When we toured the Pyramids in Giza, although we had decided to give the tips to one person to be distributed, the other guides were poking us from behind asking for "secret tips." I find this so sad.

theJay and theRachel have been travelling all over the countryside in spurts. They were gone for 2 days to Sharm el-Sheikh (southern part of Egypt) and just left for an overnight train ride into Luxor (and will return by train late tomorrow night).

All the walking has been hard on me, yet probably good for me at the same time. I'm going to go for now. Much more later when I get these hundreds of pictures downloaded to my Flickr site.

Everyone take care and TTFN.


The daughter said...

I bet you wish you took more than just sandals now...right? Maybe 1 pair of sneakers wouldn't have hurt your fashion style and may have helped your sore body.

themom said...

blah, blah blah...I hate "I told you so's!"

Chickie said...

How cool!

Can you smuggle back a small camel for me?

Anonymous said...

OMG You're on a horse. Never thought I'd see that :-)

Can't wait to see all the pics.


Paul B. said...

Figures, after all this time I get a job in Columbus and you're tourinng the world... I'll catch up on your blog... but I'm sure you're having fun!!!