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Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm Home!!!

I am presently trying to cope with a severe case of jet lag...but to let you know, you can go to flickr site and view the pictures I have downloaded so far. I have a couple of videos I will put on here showing the CRAZY driving rituals in Cairo...totally insane! Nap time...wil be back later.

**I think I have found the problem with my "flickr" account. I did something dumb awhile back, and will try to change that, but clicking on the site now - will show the Egypt pictures. There are 3 sets.


slyght said...

mom, wtf? i have no clue what you did, but it ain't right. clear your head, get some sleep, and try again. you shouldn't have two flickr sites. if someone clicks on 'home', it takes them to THEIT home, and thusly to THEIR pictures, not yours. fix it, breathe, and then fix it.

themom said...

i fixed your centering issue again. when you change your clock... don't delete the </center> tag at the end. i think that is what's happening.