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Monday, May 26, 2008

Short take on Cairo traffic...

This is just a short video I was able to get as we travelled to The Citadel. You can see how the cars just make their own lanes and pedestrians literally take their lives in their hands, whilst trying to cross these wide and busy roads. You will see more cars with side mirrors broken off, because of the closeness of travel.

Another novel approach they have to "delivery" service or garbage hauling, is a small truck (i.e., Chevy S-10 or such) and load it to the sides of the bed, then take sheets of cardboard and line the bed...and keep loading whatever it is, just increasing the space upwards by adding more and more cardboard. The end result (unfortunately I don't have an ideal pic) is an unusually "top heavy" SMALL TRUCK!!! I saw 2 of these trucks on their sides at different times...I don't think the concept of "center of gravity" has ever hit home. I did find it humorous.

This is a shot of the street which runs in front of theson's apartment. You can see how narrow these residential streets are, and if you don't pull your side mirror in - WIPE OUT!! There are plenty of sidewalks, yet everyone walks in the street. A good reason for that is the condition of these sidewalks is deplorable - and the curbs vary from 9" (rare) to over 12" in some spots.

Another constant site is the "washing of the cars!"

Very early in the mornings, the hoses come out and the car washing begins. This one gentleman, must be an Egyptian bigwig, was constantly washing or "dusting off" his BMW, while in his silk suit.

Also, because of the sandy/dusty conditions, people are also often pouring water on the walkways to apartments and businesses, to reduce the dust/sand. Even the rusty, clunkers of black & whites (cabs) are being cleaned of the dust and grime - but I never saw the insides of the vehicles being cleaned. When it comes to the black & whites, I don't think that happens, they just buy air fresheners by the gross and keep hanging new ones over the old. This was a real treat.

Did I mention THE CATS?? Cats run wild throughout the city, almost feral. People will "hiss" at them to keep them at bay, they are NOT friendly domesticated felines.
The garbage is gathered during late afternoon and evening, and placed on the corners in bags such as this, and the little minions wait until the "small truck" comes to haul it all away. But in the meantime, the cats check it out to see what is there for them. In this picture there are 5 cats visible, but there is also another one down inside the pile - I watched it for quite some time, and I think it was like 20 minutes before the feline emerged from the bag. It certainly doesn't take much to amuse me!!!

I have to run for now, thegrandson has to get ready for bed, school night. Five more days of school till summer break - OUCH!!!!

Take care for now and stay well!! TTFN.

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