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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Talk about 'STICKER SHOCK!?!?!"

Theson has asked me to ship a package to him in Cairo, and since mailing through the Post Office was proving to be non-useful, I proceeded to FedEx to expedite transit. Theson has a definite deadline in mind to receive this package, which is definitely NOT guaranteed, entering Egypt...but nonetheless off I head to the FedEx office.

All is going well, filling out all the necessary paperwork (the clerk and I are almost best friends as often as I am there), and then the clerk asks me, "why would he mail this through FedEx, when the shipping is almost as much as the item?" I'm like - "how much?" Check out these receipts for an item worth $400...

I can't even describe what my jaw looked like when it hit the floor. Theson will pay dearly now, as I called him IN EGYPT on my cell phone to get his thoughts on the matter.

I must say that when the clerk brought the billing up on the computer screen, the amount quoted was approximately $128 for June 1st Priority and $121 for June 3rd Economy shipping, but the final label printing out was as you see above. this clerk explained that "they were having problems with some computers and their calculations", which are scheduled to be rectified AFTER June 1st. Duh!!!! A lot of good that does us now! Anyway, I explained to go ahead and ship it and I will hold on to the receipts as evidence of the MAJOR miscalculations, and we will get it all settled at billing time.

But this truly made my day!! Enjoy!

Take care and TTFN.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ok, I almost choked on my own tongue. I hate spending $$ (really - I'm cheap). I would do this for my son, but HOL-EE crud, would I hate it. LOL.

Chickie said...

Holy crap. I hope they don't give you a hard time about a refund.