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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Almost a milestone wouldn't you say? Although this may be the longest year of our lives till Dubya fades away into the Texas sunset. My only question is - how much damage can this idiot cause in the next 365 days? If we were to dwell on it - it becomes a very scary thought. The man wants to now start a war with Iran...give citizens a $800 ($1600 couples) jumpstart check ( amazing considering how much debt he has put this country into - maybe he will print the money at the White House)...and reinforce to the "American Public" that everything is JUST GREAT.

I will be awaiting all the comments when this idiot finally makes his State of the Union address. I am sure it will be filled with fluff and flowers to mesmerize the weak minded. I sometimes wonder if Dubya just reads the words printed for him or does he retain and understand their meaning? Considering he was reading a book upside down on 9/11 - does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

Oh hell, just some political fodder that crept into my brain while looking at the Bush countdown clock.

Quickie opinion now OVER.

Stay healthy and TTFN.


SagaciousHillbilly said...

Yes, giving $800 or so to every tax payer and telling them to spend, spend, spend is such a good idea.
These are the same tax payers who have put themselves into extreme debt with their spend, spend, spend ways. Most will probably use it to put a down payment on something they can't afford. Great idea. . . but wait. . . who is going to end up with all that free cash floating around?

slyght said...

i could use $800. that's be nice. AND i probably won't have to pay taxes this year, so even better. it would be pretty much free money. rock on.

we were just talking about how long GW had left in office the other night, but we thought it was under a year already. must've been thinking about the election. later