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Saturday, January 12, 2008


This sleek looking machine has just about "done me in!" Someone remind me to quit coming up with these brilliant ideas for either cleaning, repairing or just maintaining ANYTHING! Thedaughter helped me with this project, which involved moving all the furniture out of the living room (except for entertainment unit), and scrubbing the really yucky carpet. I have been saying for over a year I was going to hire someone and that didn't happen - so while picking up a few groceries - aha, THE RUG DOCTOR. So mis-named - because now I need a real doctor. My back and neck are killing me and my right hand just may fall off my body - this can't be a good thing.

I hurt my back in mid-October and have been in constant pain since, but still feel like I am "young" and can do anything, and maybe the pain will just go away. This isn't happening either. I guess the bottom line is that the carpet looks great and I can't wait to get this monster returned to the store and out of my sight. The other rooms will have to wait their turn on rug shampooing. This project was started at 2:30 pm and we just got done (9:00 pm). Granted, I made a pot of beef stew and watched the first football game (Packers vs. Seahawks) on breaks. Now, I am ignoring the dishes in the sink, and going to scrub my dirty self and crash to watch the rest of this game (Pats vs. Jags)...hope Jacksonville kicks the Pats asses...I am so not a Belichick fan. SORRY MY WONDERFUL BOSTON FRIENDS!

Theson left home Tuesday for Washington, D.C., to get his paperwork at the Egyptian Embassy and arrived in Egypt yesterday. I have a job working with a friend to straighten out the accounting system a county health department has managed to screw up unbelivably. My friend was awarded the contract by the State of WV, and we may be there for a couple of months. I will just have to take care of my tax clients in the evenings and weekends. For a "government" agency, I have never seen such a mess before. Our work is tedious, but hey, it's a job.

OK, the pain is getting bad, think I will cut this short for now.

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

1 comment:

Chickie said...

Agh, carpet cleaning is a bear. I used to rent the machines and finally bought one a couple of years ago but the oil of the Basset Hound is no match for it. Once I get the house tidy, I'm calling in a pro just to do our living room.