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Friday, January 04, 2008

Couldn't stand the hair - Let the DOG freeze!

Now look at the sad doggie face in the "after" picture. After running my sweeper 3-4 times a day, I made the appointment to get the dog sheared. Considering most dogs her size are "outside" dogs, she must not have read the book - she thinks she is a primping poodle - you should see how long it takes her to pee and be barking to get back in the house.

Some form of transformation takes place when she is groomed also. She gets more "primpy" - if there is such a word. Granted, she is the best dog in the world (and even better when she is NOT shedding!) She prances and struts like she is really something to appreciate - and of course, we do.

Then we have this:

This is Isis, the 10 year old female Calico. Mean, vicious, psychotic feline. You can be petting her and she will be purring then out of nowhere...count your fingers. She will bite and growl and become a vicious feral thing. As I stated earlier in a blog, I probably contributed to her demeanor...and I have been a cat lover all my life. I do know that there was a lot of inter-breeding in Isis' lineage...because a friend had the sister and she was equally nasty. We have subtly been encouraging the dog to eat the cat...but that doesn't seem to be working. Guess we will have to put up with her mood swings till she craps out some day.

She doesn't like thegrandson at all, and starts growling when he is one room away - smack!

Theson finally came home today. He was in Columbus for New Years and then to Cleveland to get some necessary papers from his college to submit for an Egyptian visa. It is amazing how many hoops you have to jump through to get into another country - and we let anybody come to America. (Nasty, trite comment - so sorry!)

Looks like he will be flying to Washington, D.C., now instead of New York to submit said paperwork to the Egyptian embassy, on Tuesday and possibly flying to Egypt on Wednesday. My heart is just breaking seeing him go away for such a long period of time again.

Oh well, I have a nasty cold and think I will head to bed, and whine and complain a little too!

Everyone else, stay healthy and TTFN.

1 comment:

Evil Twin's Wife said...

The best cat I ever had was a Calico - she was sweet, but could also turn and be feisty. I'd love to have another, but the Evil Twin says no more cats. :-(