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Friday, January 18, 2008

Seems like a lifetime since I last blogged!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I have been "WORKING!" Gag, almost painful to say. No, not really. A friend of mine sells accounting software and the technological support when purchased. A local county Health Department has been mandated by the State of West Virginia, to change their accounting practices because they basically had NO accountability whatsoever. So I have been shackled to a computer in an office, inputting all the data from the last 2 fiscal reporting periods. When I change to another area, I then have to train the one individual who will be doing all this when we leave. We have had to almost redo their chart of accounts, and reissue vendor ID's because they duplicated ID's and account numbers consistently. I now know why the state auditors were pissed.

The amazing thing is, when this job is completed, there is another Health Department here in Ohio under the microscope, facing a quarter of a million dollar penalty because of their lax bookkeeping practices, and a proposal has been sent to hopefully get them into this new accounting program.

I could do this type of work non-stop, but unfortunately, the area I have to work in is just not comfortable. My back is kiiling me, because of the computer positioning, blah blah blah. My friend fares worse, she is stuck in a storage area - actually I wish I was there because there are 5 other employees in the area where my workstation is located. They gab constantly, distracting me at times, and there is one guy who has his radio on RUSH LIMBAUGH all day. Being the liberal Dem that I am, I want to make comments all the time and have had to bite my tongue...GRRRRRR.

But anyway, just a brief narrative relating to my absence. I am leaving for Boston next Thursday, where we celebrate OUR (2 others) birthdays together. I will be "56" WHOOPEE! on the 26th. I am so working on being eccentric - my ultimate goal in life!! I hope to get another blog in before I leave, so hope something exciting happens to comment on...heehee!

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN!


slyght said...

that's what you iPod is for. plug 'em in your ears, and you are good to go. have fun in boston, be careful.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday. You are the same age as I.