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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

...I REPEAT...do not pay the ransom...I'm back

Oh my god! Every time I sat down to blog, something always came up and I honestly have no "real" excuses for my absence. Glad to see that the visitors haven't stopped though.

I recently went into a partnership with a friend of mine who owns an accounting software business, in that I will do the bookkeeping share of the clients (in addition to my own) and necessary tax preparations. So far it is working well - so much can be done via computer with our gmail accounts - this will be OK I believe. My friend is a CPA, but chooses to work the sales end of the business and leave the rest to me, which is what I prefer.

Theson is working in Monroeville, PA for about 3 weeks I believe, and then he will be off the Bristol race the end of August and possibly to Qatar or Kuwait after that. I am not too happy about that work destination - but that's a "mother thing!"

Amazingly enough, school will be starting in a little over 3 weeks and we will have to get thegrandson his school paraphernalia soon. Thedaughter bought him a really cool Spiderman backpack - as if we don't have more than 20 now - but this one had a Frisbee included - whoopee! Forget that I have Eastpaks, from my kids and also I bought a couple of smaller ones in Boston a couple of years ago - and they are guaranteed for life. When theson was in college, I had to return one and since it was discontinued they sent a nicer one. Great company to deal with when it comes to exchanges or returns.

We had a torrential rain last Friday and again - WATER IN THE BASEMENT. Not that I have been trying to get this check valve placed for the last 3 years - I'd have more luck pulling teeth. Theson and I rolled up the carpets and mopped and swept water and ran the dehumidifier and fans and all is well - for now - albeit temporary.

On a more cerebral note - I am still hoping and praying that the process of impeachment will eventually take place (soon) and we can get our country back on the right track. Blog after blog, you can see the dissatisfaction and anger at our president and his totalitarian bent. I just start to seethe when I read more everyday about his exercising "executive privilege." DUH - Hitler like demeanor. He has totally walked all over the Constitution and our rights as Americans. Grrr......

I have also been watching this Phil Spector trial (gavel to gavel) and in the Court TV chat room during the trial and the general consensus is "fry the ugly little troll." I guess you have to really watch to understand what I am talking about - but the defense of this "music genius" (created the Wall of Sound) is "accidental suicide" by gunshot to the mouth. There is an oxymoron - accidental/suicide!!! Hopefully this trial will be over at least by the end of August (15 weeks so far.)

Have some posting to do - so everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

***Rich|Championable DO NOT breathe the air!!
***Samurai Frog - keep up the good work!

1 comment:

slyght said...

you know, i kinda figured that "suicide" would be defined as the killing of oneself, strictly. whether it was intentional or accidental, despite the fact that there is a connotation of intent.

not so, i was going to argue, but i figured accidental suicide, as absurd as it sounds could be viable, but alas, it is not, by defintion. stupid law-people making up words despite the defition