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Friday, July 13, 2007

Hope the weather holds out...

Theson picked a wonderful time to head to the Caribbean. A tropical storm is brewing right on top of Belize - so hold onto your sand chairs!!! On one of my trips to Cancun in the early 90's, we schlepped through a hurricane. It was an interesting time, but we (excuse the pun) weathered the storm. My girlfriend and I were on the beach in chaise lounges and finally got the hint to head for cover when we were literally blown over onto the sand (and let me tell you - it takes a pretty good wind to do that to me.) Since construction standards in Mexico are far from U.S. standards, the least little rain and there are leaks all through the resort.

Amazingly enough, when the storm subsided, out came the crews to re-thatch the roofs and coverings over pool bar and dining areas, lame attempts to repair leaky places in the roof, and retrieve most of what had been blown from the premises - and then back to business. Having spent all my summers in St. Petersburg, Florida, when I was young, hurricanes never really seemed like a big deal to me. Thank heavens I never had to endure a Katrina.

I have been in a tornado in Kansas (a real doozie) and hurricanes - I think that has been more than enough adventure for a lifetime.

I hope that whatever is brewing around Belize decides to peter out and give theson his 3 days of rest. Being with his college buddy and his wife, I am sure that will not be any problem.

Gotta run for now - everyone stay healthy and TTFN. **Note to Rich|Championable - may send the son to AA when he returns - haha.

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