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Thursday, July 05, 2007

...the LADIES had a wonderful time

My daughters and I finally have a recent picture to post. I have pictures with each daughter separately but it has been tough getting us together. This was taken at our cookout for the 4th of July. We had a great time, watching my son-in-law set off fireworks with thegrandson. There was a quickie shower in early evening, but I put up a canopy on the deck which made it all quite bearable.

My oldest daughter and her husband left to watch the local fireworks from the comfort of their front porch (in WV) and thedaughter, thegrandson and I went to watch the Wheeling fireworks from a location in the north end of our town. Now, thedaughter said this was a GREAT place to see the display. It was an excellent site, albeit directly in front of the sewerage treatment plant. YUCK!!! Thank heavens the shower reduced the humidity or the stench would have overpowered us! Thegrandson didn't have a care in the world.

We came back home and set off fireworks with the neighbors across the street and stayed and chatted till almost 12:30 am. I could not sleep at all and stayed up till almost 4 am. This is getting to be a real pain. Thegrandson was sooo tired he slept in till 11:40 am - while I was up and about at 8:30 am. Just shoot me now!

It is going on 11 pm now and think I will try to catch some sleep if possible. Theson returned home this afternoon and may be having "the B-Town Boyz" over tomorrow night for a small gathering. They used to spend the 4th on my deck in years past and always had a great time. Hope this works out also.

All in all it was a great holiday time - with friends that stopped and dinner as a family - what more can a person ask? **Plans changed and I did not have to drive friends to a funeral, thus the impromtu picnic!

Everyone stay well and I will return later. TTFN. Great seeing the visitors to this site from ariound the world - very interesting.

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