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Friday, July 06, 2007

...a new look of sorts

Thanks to theson (the technical wizard) I have added a poll to my blog. The "Cost of the War" is now gone - because we know that amount grows exponentially by the second...and until Dubya is removed (hopefully) or leaves office that will not change.

Out of curiosity though I thought I woulld pose a Presidential query on my first Poll. I know that I am a Hillary supporter, and interested in others views.

In the meantime I will be thinking about future polls to present. Thanks SON - love ya bunches.

Theson is the light of my life and recently split with thegirlfriend, but will always remain friends. It is hard for him and when his heart breaks, mine does also - but I support him and by still maintaining a friendship that helps him also.

More later - so enjoy. Stay healthy and TTFN.

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