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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

...deaths and holidays - very tough

This has been a bad weekend/early week so far. Three deaths of good friends, which puts me in the kitchen and cooking more than usual. Between casseroles and cakes I am the bomb! Unfortunately one of the funerals is going to be on July 4th, which puts the end to any holiday plans. I have volunteered to drive my friend's (quadriplegic) van in order for him to attend his great uncles funeral. The usual "designated" driver had events he could not cancel. No big deal - they are good people who have been impacted by their family members passing.

Theson will be coming home today and I know he is "down in the dumps" a little as things have not been going well for him (in certain areas of his life.) But he is young, intelligent, charming and working on the social skills and there will be light at the end of the tunnel for him. So I can foresee us on the deck watching TV and me consuming "the wine" again. Love my Cafe Zin. Before he left for Salt Lake City, theson, thedaughter and I had a long gabfest on the deck. It is a lovely place to spend a cool evening. We have lights on the table umbrellas, coolers, and a TV, what more can a person ask? Maybe we will get some fireworks and set a few off later on the 4th.

To all - HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE 4TH OF JULY - and stay healthy. TTFN.

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