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Monday, June 19, 2006

..........so there, MY THING!!!

Just to be funny for theson - he apparently just caught on to the openings for my blogs the (...) or endings, whichever the case may be. I have no clue why I started it, but I think it comes from conversations, I am always being interrupted and what I have to say usually comes out rather choppy. So I feel I am usually starting everything in mid-sentence. How is that for an explanation?

Back to the cruise. When you enter Port Everglades, you have to wait in a winding line to enter the building which houses INS, TSA's and Cruise Personnel. Once in the building there are a multitude of lines again, one for each floor on the ship. One only has to go to their designated line and again wait to be processed through, and then onto the ship. there is also a line for Platinum and Elite members which is considered an "Express Check-In." NOT!!! I stood in line maybe longer than those on the various other lines. They also now have a line for "WHEELCHAIR ASSISTED TRAVELERS." OMG - that line reached to the back of this building (approximately 300 feet). From the moment I saw all those in the "handicapped" line, I knew I was going to have some fun.

For the first couple of days, in conversations with various people I met, I insisted that the jogging track should be turned into a route for the wheelchair races. Of course there would have to be two separate races, one for motorized and another for non-motorized units. Most saw the humor in my effort. I also thought we might have to divide into age groups as there appeared to be a 30 year gap between some. I figured wtf, how much more liability could there be, since most were on their last legs and needed oxygen, how bad could they get hurt (other than death!?) That was the sick side of my humor.

Princess had to supply an attendant to "de-embark" each and every one of those dependant on wheels - which I assumed was a liability based decision. They damn near ran me over just getting to the gangplank.

There was also a bunch of teeny bopper young girls which about drove me over the edge. Sickening, how they flaunted their little bodies all tanned and shapely. Ha!!! Someday after they have multiple children, they will find out what happens to that body! Probably picked me as a perfect example, all tanned and ROUND! hee hee.

OK, that's enough for now, have to get up early in the morning, so I have things to do. So everyone stay healthy and I will just sign off...

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