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Monday, June 19, 2006

...i'm back - vacation NOT long enough

Hi All!!! I'm back to the humdrum life again. A week's vacation is definitely not long enough. I honestly need to hit a lottery so I can indulge my fantasy of at least ONE MONTH on a cruise ship. Met some very nice and interesting people on this cruise and managed to relax and enjoy myself completely. No clock to dictate my every moment and no schedule to adhere to - wonderful!!!

My very best friends picked me up on Friday the 9th at 6 am and drove me to the Pittsburgh Airport. Now there was a challenge - never in my wildest dreams did I figure it would be bedlam at that ungodly hour of the morning. Since I had to get my ticket from the US Air kiosk, I had to stand in line almost an hour then take my bags to the X-ray department, then go through the screening process and on to the gate for boarding. I stopped at O'Briens and had a quick coffee and cigarette and made it to my gate 5 minutes before boarding proceeded. Whew!!! That was fun. We left 15 minutes late and arrived in Ft. Lauderdale 10 minutes early - not bad and a good flight to boot.

Got a taxi to the hotel (very glad I switched hotels @ hotels.com). It is a very old hotel which has been refurbished and is right in the center of the "posh" shopping area. It was sort of a Rodeo Drive in Ft. Lauderdale. After a two hour nap, I walked all around the area and "window shopped"; there was even a Vera Bradley (cloth bags) store that I did enter. Still didn't buy anything, then I stopped at a sidewalk cafe for dinner. Nice atmosphere and ambience and a nice Mediterranean fare. While I was finishing my meal, everyone came running out of the bar next door screaming "fire" whilst still holding their drinks. It was two minutes before two ladder trucks; a pumper truck and ambulance were all parked in front of the building. I was not even allowed to leave as the police had yellow taped off the exit. So I did what any normal person would do, I called my friend and daughter on my cell to let them know what was going on. The fire was from the AC unit on the roof and the fire department had every thing under control within a half hour. A little excitement to end my day. Back to the hotel and the MOST COMFORTABLE BED in the world.

I got to Port Everglades to board the ship around 12:15 pm and there was already a long line. Cruise personnel opened the doors and the line moved smoothly after that. I was through the check in procedure and in my room by 12:45 pm. Swimsuit on and off to the pool. I was in heaven. There is always a "going away" party and a Caribbean band playing, dancing and lots of fun. That lasted till we were about a half hour out of port. Showered and up to the Caribe buffet. Terrific - lobster and crab legs - yummy! There was a great musical show in the Princess Theatre as always, then I closed my evening out at Club Fusion with a gin and tonic and "Scene It" games followed by the beginning of a week long "Princess Idol" contest.

I will get out the manual for the cacorder/digital camera Slyght bought me for Mother's Day, and try to figure how to download and hopefull get into a future blog. The older I get the dumber I get!!

Have to take thedaughter to Columbus for a check-up today, so will try to add more tonight.

Stay healthy all!!

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