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Thursday, June 08, 2006

I am almost outta here...

OKay, the countdown has begun. I will be leaving for the airport in 17 hours, and in 51 hours will be sailing to the Caribbean. I have not slept well for the past few nights, and everyone says I must be excited. I am not sure what to call it!! There is only a handful of people who can truly understand how much I need and will relish "getting away!"

I do well when I am on my own, and just imagining relaxing by the pool and DOING NOTHING, is the ultimate rush. Thank you Slyght for everything!

I will miss thegrandson more than anything, although I don't think it is a reciprocal emotion. Last night he was telling his mother, he wished I was leaving "yesterday." Maybe he is planning a big party, oh that would be his mother!! hee hee.

I have tried to limit what has gone in the suitcase, because I know I am taking more than I need. I will rummage through it one more time and remove any excess.

I bought "The DaVinci Code" for the cruise and started reading it yesterday and am now halfway through. It is excellent and very hard to put down. I will probably have it finished before I even sail.

OK - MOM2 --- DON'T GET BUMMED OUT. Since I have been unemployed, we have played almost every day, and she will have to resort to the "other" best friends while I am away. I know they are not as much fun as me - SO PRETEND!! I will email her from the ship - to let her know I have not gone overboard!!

Still much to do, gonna run for now. Will try to blog tonight if possible, but had a hard time getting to the site just to blog now. So we will see.

EVERYONE STAY HEALTHY!! Don't think of me in the sunshine, by the pool, with a daiquri - it will only depress you!!! TTFN

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