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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the biopsy.. one hurdle down...

well, we went to columbus yesterday - late afternoon - carrie wanted to stay at a hotel and considering all that she is facing, no problem. her brother, slyght, made all the arrangements for which we are both grateful. nice hotel, holiday inn conference center. can't say much for the restaurant in the hotel, we waited for 45 minutes for our dinner when the waiter, his first day, came out to tell us that they only had ONE chicken dinner and he could bring it out, while one of chose something else. NOT!!! we told him we would pay for our drinks and go elsewhere. the manager, said not to charge us for the drinks since it was their fault. cool. we went to a BP behind the hotel and got some beer and pop and headed back to room to order pizza. the hotel gave us menus for a place called King's. omg, the food was fantastic and cheap. we both got chicken parmagiana, came with garlic bread, and an order of chicken bites and the total was $20. We brought home the left overs and had another meal out of it tonight.

We did a drive by when we got to the hotel, to check out the hospital. A real cinch. 2 miles away and a straight shot. This meant we would not have to leave exceptionally early in the morning to find the place.

Carrie did not sleep well, nor did i. nerves i guess. we were out of the hotel by 7 am, and after cruising around the hospital and parking in the WRONG lot (too far away), a nice lady going to work showed us exactly where to go in the hospital to register. The registration clerk and everyone at the hospital were exceptionally helpful and nice. Carrie went into pre-op at 7:57 am, and into surgery at 8:46am, and to recovery at 9:05am. Unbelievable. Dr. Litts came out and explained that she could not work for a couple of days, the pain she would experience and that he had taken 3 tissue samples to biopsy. He more or less told me that she would eventually (soon) have the 3 bones in the wrist removed, and she would lose the up/down motion in the wrist completely. Not a good prospect but certainly one she will learn to live with. we will check into job options at a later date. Bottom line - is remove the damn BAD THING!!

I went into recovery and helped her get dressed and got the home care instructions and we were on our way home by 10:30 am. She was still dopey (like the dwarf haha) and we stopped at Big Boy to get some food in her, but she was still nauseus (sp), so we just came right home. She slept (or dozed) all the way home. just me and the radio for 2 hours.

Dr. Litts prescribed oxy's, so she should get some rest tonight. her hand is bandaged well, and she is to wear the splint or sling as she sees fit. Now we just wait till we see the doctor next Monday - again, we will be on the road travelling. Colton is being the little doctor, kissing her wrist to make it better and all.

we are both tired so it will be an early evening for us. take care all...till later.


The daughter said...

It'd be alright if I could feel my damn arm and it has been 12 hours and still no feeling. Really driving me buggy!!!

Thanks for everything mom and slyght.
luv ya both

slyght said...

she'll be OK, and really... how often do you need to move your wrist up and down, that's what the shoulder and elbow are for. 9 degrees of freedom, narrowed down to 6. still all you need. only a convenience. love y'all. glad i could be of service

jean said...

leave it up to zac to put everything in perspective...good boy zac!!!this won't be easy but you've got good support and you will get through this...i'm here for ya...jean