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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

mother nature run amok...

here it is - the middle of winter and it was almost 60 degrees today. i was chatting with a client in the front yard (what little there is of it) and i was being attacked by a "confused" and "pissed off" bee. the idiot flying creature is supposed to be hibernating in some obscure hiding place, but oh no - marie is fresh meat - LET'S ATTACK!!!! and crazy bee hater that i am, i'm just swatting at it making it more irate. it succeeded in driving me back in the house. all the while, i am sure the bee is just humming "job well done!!"

a beautiful sunny day and i am stuck in my house calculating tax returns. can't complain, the extra money comes in handy. think i did around 20 returns in all.

update on carrie's OSU appointments. tuesday the 21st, dr. litts is performing a biopsy on the tumor within the "triquetrum" bone. we then will go back to columbus on the 27th to get the results and start a plan of action. i should get an "auto pilot" installed on the equinox, as many miles as we are logging. oh well, it has to be done.

the grandson totally lost it today. while playing a PS2 game (Spiderman) he threw down the controller and started crying hysterically, because he can't beat the "flame" guy. wants me to help him, but i have NO clue as to the strategies of the game. it broke my heart. but decided to limit him today on game time, no child should get that upset over a stupid game.

i don't know about anyone else, but OUR vice president shooting a fellow hunter, has become fuel for the fodder, and i am loving it. talk about trying to cover your ass. an avid NRA advocate to boot. then he doesn't have the proper stamps for his hunting license?!?!? OH WELL DICK, THAT'S ALL RIGHT - JUST SEND THE $7 IN AND WE ARE FINE WITH IT!! right, if it were you or me - ten days in jail, and no hunting license for 3 years. the old coot should not have lethal weapons in his possession. i could go on and on - but not worth it.

think i can cram a couple more returns in before bedtime. have a good one everybody.

1 comment:

Mike T said...

I know exactly how Colton feels. Everytime I get beat by Clint playing hockey on Xbox Live, I have to throw my controller and curse a lot. Same thing happens when me, Clint, Chad, Juddy, and Klempa are playing Halo2. I'm surprised my controller still works.