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Sunday, February 12, 2006


sorry i have been away from blog for a few days, but as i said before, TAX SEASON. but anyway, got up this morning and both the cat and the dog were scampering around the kitchen and i didn't think much of it, they always play together. after about a half and hour, i noticed the cat was parked beside me and had her nose under the hutch. i looked down, and there was our pet hamster Brownie, poking his/her head out from under the hutch, teasing the cat. Now, i spent a small fortune building a condo for this rodent, and amazingly enough after at least 7 months, the little critter figured out how to knock a side panel out of one of the cages. (2 cages joined by running tubes). I put the rodent back in the cage and less than 2 minutes later it was out and just staring at me (almost laughing) from outside the cage. Gotta laugh, the cat and dog and hamster were all playing together (for probably most of the night), and Brownie wanted out to play some more. I now have the little booger isolated to one cage, till i get a new cover for the one she breaks out. I think Brownie is mad at me now, because he/she (we really don't know gender, pretty sure a male) is used to dining in both cages, and sleeping in two separate comfort zones (one for am and one for pm). I do believe I have spoiled the buck-toothed critter. Needless to say, the hamster belongs to grandson, but I have the duties of cleaning the cage, and buying supplies. I HOPE SOMEONE SHOOTS ME IN MY NEXT LIFE!!!

Update on Carrie's wrist. The doctor called and after meeting with his colleagues, the unanimous decision was made to perform a biopsy to discover what type of tumor this is and where to go from there. We go to Columbus again tomorrow to fill out paperwork for the biopsy, not sure whether it will be done tomorrow or not. We are playing this by ear. Carrie's attitude is a little better, plus the xanax helps. (helps me cope with her too!!)

Finally got a break and went to dinner with my best friend "Phyldotcom" the other night. Had to be funny, we had planned this for a couple of days, just the two of us, and when I picked her up, her hubby wants to go to. Gotta love him, I get along with him well, probably because he is in love with me, but we won't tell his wife!!! HAHAHAHA!!! We will get our evening together soon, trust me!!

Back to the tax returns, more updates later.


jean said...

thank god you've captured the buck-toothed critter...to think i am only two houses away and he was on the loose all night...i feel faint just thinking about him-her not being locked down...why he-she would want to escape the mansion you have for him-her i just can't figure...please be more careful!!!!DON'T MAKE ME CALL ANIMAL CONTROL!!!!love ya phydot

Anonymous said...

forgot to add this----no marie my husband is not in love with you...he just so happens to be crazy about linda (poodle woman) next door...AND he is living for the day he can join the poodle club and take her to all her poodle matches...so there miss smarty....lalalalalala.....your best friend phyldot

slyght said...

hah, sounds like brownie has a deathwish... and as for you guys's sordid love quadrilateral, i'm staying out of it, i KNOW my dad's the cable guy (did they have cable in '77?)

CHRIS said...

Church(the cat neighbor) told me he is on the look out for Brownie!! On the other hand should I start calling you Aunt??I don't know if I can see Uncle with a die hearted Steelers fan, of course a poodle ain't doing much neither Aunt Febe,Aunt Megan, No I think not.....

The daughter said...

Chris should forget about the neighbor cat church finding Brownie. Has everyone forgot about the local stray everyone took care of Jason...you kno bug tom cat. It would get Brownie before anything else.