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Thursday, February 09, 2006

a few pitfalls along the way...

sorry, with tax season upon me, work and family problems, i have just not had time to get back to the blog. yesterday, the daughter had an appointment at OSU orthopaedics in Columbus, Ohio -to finally have someone with a brain, help find out why she has ben having swelling and incredible pain in her left wrist for over seven years. we (the daughter, coloton and I) met with a very nice doctor (christopher litts) who is the foremost specialist on hands in the state, and the news was not great. he suspets a tumor within one of the bones in the wrist. apparently the mri show that no signals are getting thru this bone (nerves, synapses, etc.) he referred to this bone as "dead" and "necrotic." he expressed concern and worry, and also the fact that he has seen this type of tumor in other bones, but never in the wrist. he is consulting with his cohorts and promised we would hear from him within the week.

having a "C" history in the family, has not helped the daughters attitude. anyone would be concerned in such a situation. her father died from the dreaded "C", i was diagnosed with cervical cancer when i was 34 (total hysterectomy fixed that!). Although the upside to this is, we have been to doctors and hospitals for over 7 years, and no other problems have manifested, so if it is a tumor, the odds of it being "benign" are great. but until, the damn thing is dealt with, your mind has a way of running amok.

i am sure that surgery will be needed and we will deal with this. she is young and has her whole life ahead of her, we just have to get over this hurdle.

the tax files are piling up on me at the moment. being sick in bed for a week has not helped me, time wise. i'm off friday, so plan on playing catch up all day, so i can go to dinner with my best friend in the evening for rest, relaxation and humor. we always have a blast - even if it is at the expense of others! HAHA.

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jean said...

hang in there friend...you will all get through this...you have the best doctors in the country at ohio state hospital...look on the positive side at least now you know what it is...you are a strong person...always here for you...friend jean TTFN