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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

P.C....P.C...and I don't mean personal computer!!

I have gotten to the point of total disgust with the term "PC", translated Politically Correct. Things in this country have reached the point where even commenting on the weather may be misconstrued and "voila" - you have hurt someones feelings!! As for this latest Washington debacle, all I can say is "GIVE ME A BREAK!" Now the dictates for being PC fall in the Halloween costume milieu. As you can see, a certain Homeland Security employee is now on paid administrative leave, for dressing as a convict with dreadlocks and skin bronzer. And he has offended who? Could this individual have dressed as Dillinger or Jeffrey Dahmer and everything would have been fine? Say I chose to dress as Brittany Spears (highly unlikely), I guess that would be offensive to other unfit mothers/faded pop star/bad drivers - right?? Or the Spiderman fan clubs gets pissed because of all the unfit, overweight children that may have worn "that" costume. Where will the line be drawn?

Late last week, Duane "Dog" Chapman saw his hit A&E show abruptly pulled from scheduling because of a PRIVATE PHONE CONVERSATION he was having with his son; which included an offensive racial slur. Granted the "N" word should not be publicly/privately used - but who are we to say how Dog should talk to his adult son - especially on a "private" phone call.

George Orwell knew best when he wrote 1984. He was just off by a few short years. As we well know, Dubya has no qualms with prying into our personal phone calls and emails.

I happen to live in an area which was predominately KKK many years ago and that sentiment still thrives here today - although I was raised elsewhere and my family is quite opposed to such discrimination. But in reality, we all know that the way we speak in public may not be the way we speak in private (for which we should be ashamed.) The point being, Dog did not make these statements in a public forum and he would presuppose that a family member would not be clandestinely taping the conversation for personal gain (tape sold to National Enquirer). Dog was not a Don Imus or Michael (Seinfeld) Richards - blathering in a public forum.

Again, a sad commentary on our lives. And so very sad that we have to constantly look over our shoulders and be afraid of who we may "OFFEND" at any given point in time. Some should remember the old "sticks and stones" saying and get on with more important things in our lives.

I, for one, will be walking on eggshells when helping thegrandson choose a Halloween costume in the future - NOT!!!!!

That is my ramble for the moment - very exhausting. Theson may be coming home in a few days and then heading to Egypt around the 20th. If so, he will miss Thanksgiving, his 30th birthday and Christmas - again...I miss him so much when he is away for holidays - but there will always be more - we hope!!!

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN!!


slyght said...

i don't know who john dahmner is, maybe he exists, let me know more if so, but i'm thinking maybe you mean jeffrey dahmer? later.

themom said...

OK -- I was tired and mad when I posted that - and I know it is Jeffrey (now corrected) and not John - just shoot me now!!! Just Kidding! xxxooo

SamuraiFrog said...

I've been thinking the same thing this week, so I'm glad someone wrote about it. Is society really at the point now where we need to worry about what we say in private on the phone because someone might hear it later? And granted, I am opposed to racism and don't say that word, but when someone's show is taken off the air for saying it in private, that comes dangerously close to trying to control the way someone thinks.