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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

...Let the Holidays Begin!!

I love the Christmas holidays more than anything. Rather than "presents" I much prefer the decorations and lighting. We lucked out today with 65 degree temps (although quite overcast), so I could get my lights and outside decorations placed. Thedaughter helped with some of the heavy lifting, as we went thru the boxes in the basement to find just what I needed. I had to have everything just right this year, as my brainstorm of a good idea, for something different last year...was horrendous. And theson (Slyght), before leaving for Edinburg, Texas, hung lights around the eaves of the house, which I have wanted forever, yet never accomplished. Thegrandson is in the foreground with a hug for the animated lighted deer. (Sorry the picture isn't that great, but does show off the lights.)

Thegrandson can be seen better in the picture above with his new best reindeer friend. The hard part is always planning everything well enough to have it all plug in at the same place. I AM THE QUEEN!!! I managed to get it all situated, now all I need to find is my timer and we are good to go!

Christmas shopping will begin, kids will be happy and I can sit back and enjoy the lights. I will begin decorating inside right after Thanksgiving.

Inside becomes a veritable Christmas land...as I have collected Santa's for many years and they have to be placed everywhere. Enough bullshit though for now - just wanted to share my joy at having the lights up and ready to go.

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN.


The daughter said...

I give you credit. We don't have extension cords strung everywhere and everything works. We did a good job. Sorry you hurt yourself in the process but you enjoyed it. luv ya

thedaughter2 said...

Looks great!!! You guys did good!!!

luv ya

slyght said...

i so rock. those lights on the roof are awesome. only thing is, it kind a looks a little bit bear in the middle, all the gray, like we need a big wreath or something. still, looks great, i do like the eaves idea