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Monday, November 19, 2007


I have connected to various sites on the computer which alert me to the movements of registered sex offenders within a 20 mile radius. On Friday, we received a notice in the mail (postcard) about a new neighbor (one block away) who is deemed a Sexual Predator, and his convictions were (apparently 2 incidents) with a female child. This card also includes all his vital statistics and a picture.

There are no distinguising features one can attribute to a child molester or other criminal, and this man looks like he would be a "nice" guy even. But now, we seem to be even more cautious. But in reality, after rechecking the sites on the internet again, there are 101 registered sex offenders within a TEN MILE RADIUS of our home.

Thegrandson is only 7 years old, and very perceptive, but I worry about making him totally afraid of everyone. This is almost like walking on eggshells. Sad commentary when we have to raise issues with children so young, that in a perfect world we would not even discuss for a few more years.

When my kids were in grade school, the big scare around here was "the man in a black van" who supposedly was grabbing kids between Pittsburgh, Pa and into the upper Ohio Valley. As I remember this was more rumor than actuality.

I just get aggravated that this world has become such a hellhole, to the endangerment of our children.

My only serious comment would be this: GOD HELP THE PERSON THAT WOULD EVER LAY A HAND ON MY GRANDSON - or any child I am familiar with!!! As I told my kids growing up, I would go to prison for the rest of my life if anyone hurt them.

Another issue to deal with - and another opinion I have.

Later - TTFN.

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