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Monday, November 19, 2007

whoa..."it's not our fault!"

I found this article upsetting. I imagine quite a few people have been reading lately about the deaths resulting from being tasered, and I can't be the only one with questions.

At this point I am not sure if I am just pissed at the arbitrary use of this device or the attitude of anyone wearing a badge who is allowed to use said device. I have to refer to first hand knowledge on this one. I live in a small community (less than 5000 - although 15,000 at one time) and know all the cops personally. Since I am rather "outspoken" I have made no bones about letting it be known that quite a few of these "policemen" should never wear the uniform or be allowed the privileges of authority. There is a mentality here, as I am sure exists elsewhere, that once a badge is put on - the individual retains a "GOD" persona.

On one occasion, 2 of these policemen (in late 20's, early 30's) were just visiting at a mutual friends house, and decided to play with their tasers. They were pointing them at us, saying we couldn't die from such a small device, we would only be incapacitated. From what I have learned, the rule of thumb is that neither a Taser nor pistol are to be pulled from their holsters unless there is a situation which calls for their use. These "kids", and I refer to them as such, since they went to school with my kids, are true idiots. Without a weapon, I could kick their asses, they are such weenies. Even the police chief suffers from the same complex.

But as usual, I digress. Read the article yourselves, and form your own opinion about the Taser company officials, who have the lamest excuses for the deaths of some of these tasered individuals. It truly has my blood boiling. If I were to run my mouth (as if that would happen) at an inofficious moment, and a cop tasered me, I would probably die. As far as I know, you don't have to sign a health statement before being tasered, therefore they would have no way of knowing about my bad heart - therefore - death sentence. I imagine the metal wires in my chest might conduct a pretty good electrical impulse also.

I agree with a moratorium on the use of tasers as too many police or security officials are way tooooooo trigger happy. These are senseless, needless deaths. Recently there have been several videos of "cops gone wild" on TV, showing there callousness in the use of tasers, and now are being sued, and rightfully so, for this flagrancy.

Bottom line, i feel that Tasers should be shelved, because there are too many factors that should be weighed before their use, and most situations would not accommodate having those factors revealed in a timely fashion.

Soapbox time over...everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

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