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Friday, August 10, 2007

I should never leave home..kids run amok!

I had made arrangements to have dinner with my friend theMarge last night, and being another unbelievably hot and humid day, we spent most of the day INSIDE. thedaughter at work and theson and thegrandson and I had a really nice (filled with trivial tasks) day. The night before, thedaughter decided to cut thegrandsons hair and it ended in a Mohawk - sort of different but thegrandson liked it. The cut really needed to be trimmed a little - and apparently, while I was at dinner theson "went at it!" HE SHAVED THE LITTLE GUYS HEAD! I never get bent out of shape, but at first was a little distressed, but thegrandson really LOVES it. Now for the pics - the "mug shots" are before the shaving event and the last being the "bald experience."

What a cutie!!! He will be 7 soon and is developing an attitude at times but we are nipping that one in the bud rather quickly.

As for the dinner with my friend - we haven't seen each other in awhile, and had a wonderful time catching up over dinner at "the Highlands" which (as referred to in name) sits atop a hill with one helluva view of the valley. As I mentioned earlier, being so hot & humid the weather conditions were just right for a whopping storm (warnings & watches were out all day.) About half an hour into our meal, people around us were getting louder and running to their cars, and we could see the ominous black sky just moving in our direction. It was truly eerie, and all I could think of was getting water in my basement...till I realized - "nothing I can do about it from here", so we just chatted on...watched the lightening and the thunder was rumbling and tons of rain coming down - oh well...and this too shall end! I didn't even call home to find out about the basement. We later went to theMarge's home and checked out her computer...nice one...only she is still using DIAL-UP!!! We must work on getting broadband. I showed her some shortcuts and will later take some programs and add, then show her how to utilize them in her trade. It was a blast - I truly had a wonderful time. I got home about 10:45 pm, finding a note that thegrandson wanted me to let him know I was home - so he could "show off" his new do. AND ALL IS WELL WITH THE WORLD!

More later - so everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

1 comment:

slyght said...

i'm glad you are finally learning to go with the flow. life's too short.