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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fun day...a "Bonding" time

It is a beautiful day and thegrandson decided he wanted to "get at it" with theson. They had planned to "camp" out on Tuesday, after we went to Cabela's and theson spontaneously purchased an 8 person tent. Thegrandson had some discipline issues and had to forego the privilege of camping out on Wednesday night. After adhering to his punishment (grounding) -- he could not wait to get started with the project this morning. And voila - theson, thegrandson and tent are pictured here.

It is in the mid 80's and although theson wanted to come in and cool off, thegrandson got his way again and the two ended up target shooting with the bow and arrows, theson purchased whilst at Cabela's. I think Cabela's is now our new favorite spot. Thegrandson even tasted boar meat ( we told him it was ham - which isn't far from the truth) and he liked it.) Here are the "archers" having fun.

Well, theson is off to Cleveland on Thursday to visit his college friend and Jules will be passing thru town at the same time - so they may all get together. Then theson will be heading to Bristol, Tennessee on Monday for the Nascar races with his buddies. He definitely has an eventful schedule ahead.

The only downside to me - is his manager told him yesterday that he will be leaving in November for Kuwait and will be there for a year. Again, I won't have him for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years or his birthday - I am not a happy camper. It's a MOM thing though.

So much for now - everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

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