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Friday, August 31, 2007

Just a get well message for an old friend...

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An old friend, Steve Sorvalis, has recently undergone serious intestinal surgery...and I just want to wish him a speedy recovery. he hasn't been doing very well so far, but a turn for the better is hoped for soon.

Steve and I (and a group of friends)used to "party" together years ago, when he owned a local pub. He has tried many ventures since he sold the pub 22 years ago - and now currently owns a Roadhouse Restaurant, which does quite well. Thegrandson calls it the "peanut place" as he can throw the shells on the floor - or at other people!

Although, the operation and necessity for it are very serious, and he has not fared well in the beginning - I feel he will make a quick recovery and be back at his favorite haunt soon.

Just this quick note for now - more later...everyone stay healthy and TTFN!

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