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Thursday, August 23, 2007

OH NO...another first day of school!!

Well, thegrandson has been seething with anticipation these past few days, over the start of a new school year. Bless his heart, that attitude will change in a few years. Getting the new shoes, a few new outfits and supplies were the epitome of bliss for the little tyke.

We have been trying to readjust his bedtime in preparation for "school hours" to no avail...the little fart does not like to go to bed ALONE or be in the DARK. This, we will be working on - theson just ignores his crying but weak hearted Nina (me) caves every time.

Here is the little guy on the way to the school bus this morning...

What more can I say!!!

Theson is in Bristol, TN for the NASCAR race and informed me 2 nights ago that he "dropped" his cell phone (he is technological equiment challenged) and cracked the face of the phone. I "google earthed" for AT&T locations near Bristol and came up with a location approximately 20-25 miles from Bristol, in Kingsport. I emailed directions and address to him - but don't even know if he has internet access - so he is literally on his own. I have faith in him...since he had a $500 phone, I am sure if his can't be fixed he will buy another equally expensive model...maybe this one will have an added feature he lacked before.

So very hot and humid, I have been catching up on things around (inside) the house...almost too unbearable to even go outside.

Everyone stay healthy and well and TTFN.

C'mon Rich|Championable - get a new host site and get back to blogging - withdrawal setting in.

***P.S. Spoke with theson and he did find an AT&T store in Bristol (so much for google earth) and paid $600 for a replacement phone - and they don't even offer insurance for the contraptions - go figure. He is also buying a truck when he returns home - a good move for him.

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