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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

...had a nice weekend - ALL ALONE!!

This past weekend was just great. Theson was in Cleveland with Jules and college buddy, thedaughter went to Virginia and thegrandson was at the sitters...and I had the house all to myself. This doesn't happen very often and I just relished the moment. I planned on cleaning a closet...but that notion quickly passed. It wasn't a task that actually HAD TO BE DONE...just one where I get in the mood for rearranging and sorting. As plans go...pfft...didn't happen. On Saturday I just hopped in and out of bed, sometimes napping, and other times watching TV. It is nice when you don't actually have to be anywhere or do anything for a change. My friend called later in the evening and had brought home dinner for me so I went to their house and we watched the Steelers beat Washington Redskins (although I had my doubts for awhile.)

Theson is in Bristol, TN for NASCAR race this weekend and he will be updating his NT blog as well as The Bristol Experience site - so stop by those two sites for updates.

Thegrandson is so excited to be starting back to school on Thursday, he has all his supplies and has been getting back to an earlier bedtime. We are going to let him walk home after school, when he gets off the bus this year (except for inclement weather), and now he realizes he is becoming a "big" boy. This is great.

Enough for now - everyone stay healthy and TTFN. More later.

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