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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Watching the "Commander In Chief" (and I use the term loosely) last night, addressing the nation about seding more troops to Iraq, got my blood pressure up again. The man is an idiot!!!! Neo-con, warmongering idiot. First of all, and this has nothing to do with Iraq - can we say the word N-U-C-L-E-A-R ????? It is not NUCULAR - it is pronounced exactly as it is spelled - guess this moron never had phonetics as a youth. Really chaps my ass - cannot stand stupidity - especially if you are going to stand in front of MILLIONS of people and TRY to give the impression you might have a brain.

OK - back to the address. The people of this nation gave a definite mandate in the last election, that they have had enough of this Iraqi debacle. The prez made statements such as, Iraq has an established democracy now (I paraphrase), because of our intervention. Query me this - what democracy? An election alone does not constitute a democracy. His new "sound plan" assures the American people that if Iraq does not help themselves, we will be done with them. Right - can't see this happening. Take a country that thrives on fighting (a few thousand years cannot be changed in ten) will never become a passive democratic society. It appears that these people are only happy when fighting with another sect in their region. (DUH - since biblical times.) Hopefully this democratic Congress can save the youth of our country from having to fight a war that our CIF arbitrarliy started. And how about the ten officials (well paid I would assume) to chair the Iraq Study Group? Bush has completely ignored their recommendations. Hello - remember Osama Bin Laden? He seems to have become some detail placed on the back burner - when in actuality his connection to Al-Queda, was the catalyst for this debacle. OH God, give me a nerve pill. I view this administration almost as a dictatorship. The prez says you either do it MY way or out comes the VETO pen. I know our country was founded on REPRESENTATION. When is the last time anyone can remember - your representatives - coming to your locale, and polling the constituency, about their collective feelings on matters? NEVER. Once elected, these individuals, garner a large paycheck - for little actual working hours, and vote their OWN consciences and not the views of the majority of their voters. I have always been a strong advocate for "town hall" meetings for these elected officials - where they would be more accountable to those who elected them to REPRESENT the majority.

Well, my BP is still up, but I choose not to ramble on anymore. Theson is in Minneapolis with Jules, as she recovers from eye surgery. He is cooking (or so he says) and taking care of the basics I believe. At least he is there to cuddle with her during the healing process. Wish you all the luck Jules. No glasses or contacts - how great.

We have had a few days of COLD and now I say "ENOUGH!" I so love the tropical weather yet unfortunately live in a cold zone. Just give me the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in the tropics. I could get used to it I am sure.

Thegrandson loves the cold and we got a dusting of snow yesterday, so he was excited to wear his new boots to school. Doesn't take much to impress the young - hahaha!!

Well, I have errands to run and some house cleaning to tackle. Everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

***TheRuss is recuperating from cataract surgery on one eye and will have the other eye (imagine that he has two eyes) done next week. Recuperate nicely Russ!

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