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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I am just to old for this shite...

It took TWO solid days for theson and me to get the basement cleaned up and organized. It is amazing how a basement becomes a netherworld for the "not sure where it goes" items. When I get tired of something, yet hate to send it to the trash heap, i just PUT IT IN THE BASEMENT. Well, I am here to tell you that in less than 2 years, I amassed a helluva lot of JUNK.

Let me tell you a little about THIS basement. When we bought this house in 1986, what was beneath this house could hardly be called a basement - more like a cellar, with half dirt floor (and one corner of the house held up by a tree trunk), and half concrete slabs. Whenever it rained we had a veritable swimming pool. Can't tell you how many sump pumps we burned up. My husband never made the wisest choices in purchases (this house) and NEVER seemed to fix any of the problems. He did come in handy (sort of) after he died. I used a considerable sum of the life insurance proceeds to improve this house. Ultimately, the house was on jacks for almost a month (a very scary sight), and a new foundation was poured and block wall basement put in. It was worth the $$$ and the few cracked walls.

Never having to worry when it rained was delightful...until September 14, 2004. That is when Hurricane Ivan blew as far as the Ohio Valley and we got 6 inches of rain in 3-4 hours. My basement ended up with over two feet of water and a property loss of over $20K. Cleanup took a couple of days, everything had to be tossed out into the yard and the muck cleaned from floor and walls. After that fiasco, I bought a lot of shelving and tried to keep as much as I could off of the floors and back to my rainy day worrying.

I also had my office in the basement and my desk was ruined and I lost a lot of important paperwork, plus my comuter which held a lot of irretrievable data. So for the last two years I have operated my business with the laptop from my kitchen. (Thought about removing the stove and putting in file cabinets!)

But, I digress. I started the cleanup process on Tuesday morning, and after tearing a gash in my hand, yelled at theson to get out of bed and come help. Of course it was my fault because I hadn't called him down earlier. We finally called it a day at 5:30 pm and about 2/3 completion. My body literally cried out in pain and I took Tylenol PM and rolled my fat ass in bed by 9 pm. This all seemed so much easier twenty years ago.

Again, working till 5 pm yesterday, we completed the task. My office is now usable again, an entertainment area is set up, all the junk went to the landfill today, and a run to Goodwill tomorrow will complete the challenge. Whew!! Maybe I can get some pics of the completed task and put in blog later.

I should have more interesting things to write about soon, as the political front is always heating up, because of the morons in charge.

Everyone stay well. TTFN

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