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Monday, January 01, 2007


I am sure everyone has made their New Years Resolutions by now - mine is the same as always - "I vow to never make New Years Resolutions again!!!" I have always found that it is a useless attempt at achievement. Yes, I promise to lose weight - until I find that perfect cheesecake. Yes, I promise to exercise regularly - as soon as I get my fatass off the couch. Yes, I promise to eat healthier - until I put that extra sour cream and butter on my baked potato...blah, blah, blah!!! Most of us have good intentions, but my "willpower" done got up and left!!! Maybe I should try hypnosis to regain the old willpower thing - or not. I wouldn't want to take ALL the fun out of my no-nothing life!

I assume the B-Town Boyz had a good time ringing in the New Year, haven't heard from theson yet, and he will be heading home from Columbus some time today. Thedaughter got home approximately 6 am, and has decided to just "stay up" all day now. Currently she is shopping at Walmart with a friend while her girlfriend (with whom she partied last night) is asleep upstairs. Hmmmm, what is wrong with this picture. I stayed up till 11:45 pm, went to bed and heard the neighbors shoot their guns and fireworks and crashed shortly thereafter. I will bet it has been 10 years or better since I went out for New Years with friends. Although a small group of us went to Red Lobster for dinner last night, there was no gala event for us.

Now the sad part comes...taking down all the Christmas decorations. As I stated in an earlier blog, I would be quite content to have the decorations up year round. I find a lot of contentment and solace just looking at a beatifully decorated tree. But then I am slightly demented.

Oh well, West Virginia University is playing in the Gator Bowl at 1 pm, so I must get a few things done before then. Everyone stay healthy and enjoy 2007. TTFN

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