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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

...and it is a good move to rent or buy!! THE ILLUSIONIST

I have so many DVD's, that when purchased I can hardly wait to view, yet never seem to get the time. I did purchase THE ILLUSIONIST last Friday and immediately watched it and was just blown away. I find it hard to even say "magic" as the term "illusion" is more apt. The main stars are Edward Norton as Eisenheim, the Illusionist, Jessica Biel as Sophie, his long lost love from childhood, who is now engaged to Prince Leopold (Rufus Sewell). Paul Giamatti plays chief inspector Uhl, and probably his best performance to date.

Eisenheim has managed to enthrall the citizens of Vienna with his Illusions, and Prince Leopold (who is now engaged to Sophie) seems to have one obsessive goal of exposing the Illusionist and his illusions. Chief Inspector Uhl, also fascinated by the shows, would like nothing better than to be told how they are done, while also being the sycophant to the Prince.

I would love to tell you what ensues, but highly recommend any and all to either rent or buy this film. This is definitely one to be viewed more than once. The characters are easily defined early as to who you love or love to hate. So wish I could tell you more, but I would hate it if someone revealed all the important nuances to a flick I haven't seen. Please, try to get your hands on a copy, you won't be disappointed.

We have been inundated with rain for three consecutive days, which seemed to end last night. Now the weather is supposed to turn to either ice or ice and snow. But as I have said before, my goal is to be a weatherperson - as they are 90% inaccurate most of the time, yet they never seem to lose their jobs. On an off-note, I remember when my children were in grade school, the school superintendent, who made the ultimate decisions as to whether school should be delayed or cancelled, utilized the abilities of his pet dog to make that decision. If the dog refused to go outside - NO SCHOOL/CANCELLED. If the dog hurried, did his business within a certain time frame - TWO HOUR DELAY. Now how is that for science? I don't know why he bothered to complete a college education.

This is definitely a rambling post today, but I was running short on ideas. Theson is now home from Minnesota, after tending to Jules, after her eye surgery. So I will be using his help to CLEAN the basement. Could be a bad idea, as all he wants to do is THROW EVERYTHING AWAY!! Sometimes a good thing and sometimes not. We shall see.

Everyone stay well and TTFN!!

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