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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rosie vs. The Donald...

Anything to get me on my soapbox again. Anybody reading the news lately has to know about the feud now brewing between these two individuals. Yesterday, on The View, Rosie O'Donnell made a comment about The Donald, forgiving Miss USA on her drinking and drug binges, taking the limelight as he did. Rosie basically said she had a hard time with The Donald standing in moral judgment with his past track record of bankruptcies and failed marriages and affairs. Shock of shocks - IT IS ALL TRUE!!! But The Donald now says he is going to sue Rosie and that she lied about everything (excuse me, all facts can be verified - ever heard of GOOGLE?????)

The Donald has mastered the art of "spin" and went at it with ferociousness on Larry King Live on CNN tonite. He called Rosie all kinds of names (she did not call him any names), said he had talked to his good friend Barbara Walters and she is embarrassed by Rosie and wants to let her go, although the spokesperson for "The View" called in and denied all he said. He also said that the ratings for the show were in the cellar since Rosie came on the show - LIE - up 30%. The man, feels because of his wealth and status, he can bandy about facts and figures, that whether true or not, will be believed.

I rather hope he does try to sue Rosie, because with the facts being what they are, the end result might just backfire on the stupid, inane DONALD!!!!

OK, I feel better. I have emailed ABC, blogged and popped off to thedaughter. No one left at the moment to burden.

I am as ready for Christmas as I will ever be - theson will be coming home tomorrow after spending time with Emma and her parents in Iowa. He really likes it there and hasn't had any problems with the Fokkers as far as I know!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL - AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My next blog will probably be in 2007, unless someone pisses me off again.

ttfn - stay healthy.

1 comment:

jean said...

great blog,i totally agree...rosie rules as far as i'm concerned and she isn't afraid to challenge anybody!!!!!i am so glad you are our spokeperson...
see ya later...can't wait to see zac tonight...
ttfn jean