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Friday, August 11, 2006

...theson's on his way

Well, theson has left Rahjahmundry and is headed for Vizag (sp) I believe. His flight out of Delhi is on Sunday (India time) at 12:15AM. That is about 3:15 pm our time Saturday. This gets really confusing. I am so excited, he will have a little over a month here in the states and has so much he wants to do. First he has to get over the jet lag and acclimate a little - then just "jump in!"

Thegrandson is on cloud nine - he loves his Uncle Zac more than anything in the world. He wants to camp out in the woods with his uncle and have him teach him to ride a bike. I am sure there are many other things he "wishes" but he is going to have to learn to share his uncle with everyone.

The weather has abated a little and we are no longer scorching or being beaten by the high humidity. He may appreciate that a little, since it is over 100 degrees daily in India.

His travel home may be a little uncomfortable with all the recent changes in carry-on baggage rules and such. Maybe he can just sleep thru most of the flight and wake up in Chicago. That would cure the boredom problem.

Sunday cannot come soon enough for me and all his friends and buddies. We will all be scampering for his time - but it will all be worth it!!

More later, everyone stay healthy. TTFN.

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