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Saturday, August 05, 2006

my baby is coming home....

Theson has made his flight arrangements and will be landing in Pittsburgh next Sunday, Aug. 13th at 10:25am. He has managed to get a month (plus a couple days) off. This is terrific, I last saw him when I took him back to the airport to return to India the end of April.

He will be cramming so much "American" activities into a short time. So many people he wants to see and things he wants to do. There is never enough time. I am so afraid it will go by way to quickly.

This pic was taken more than a year ago, but thought it would look good on here. He is quite a hunk. thegrandson is so excited about his "uncle Zac" coming home and being here for his 6th birthday too!!! Yippee!! He said "he will be here when I start Kindergarten too". There is no doubt how much thegrandson loves his Uncle.

I will take advantage of him a little and soup up this blog. I know the various sites to go to to get things, but am a complete boob at applying them. Well, this is short and sweet, some house cleaning to do and beef stew on the stove - more later. Stay healthy all - TTFN.

***have to read his blog, re: snorting chili powder - sometimes he is such a dork!!

1 comment:

jean said...

OMG we gotta get our boy home befor he eats his nose up....chili powder can't be good for your nose!!!!and you're right he can be a bit of an idiot....that has to be his father coming out in him...
ttfn jean