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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Unfortunately, I missed Pres. Obama's address to the country last night, regarding this epic environmental disaster in Louisiana. Of course we live in the age of YouTube and instant replays, so I managed to garner the gist of this speech.

Leading up to this address, Mr. OrangeMan himself - John Boehner (R-OH), had the following to say:

“While President Obama is speaking tonight, oil will continue to leak from the well and extend its stranglehold on the lives and livelihoods of the people in the affected areas. Even now, nearly two months after disaster first struck, the federal response remains inadequate and disorganized. Americans are rightly angry about this failure of government, and they want to know that their president is focused squarely on stopping this leak, cleaning up this mess, and finding out what went wrong.

“President Obama should not exploit this crisis to impose a job-killing national energy tax on struggling families and small businesses. Both parties should be working together to craft responsible solutions in response to this disaster. There’s nothing responsible or reasonable about a national energy tax that will raise energy costs and destroy more American jobs.

“President Obama will also reportedly address some of the financial issues surrounding the crisis, including the establishment of an escrow fund. These resources should be used to help the victims of this disaster, and not as a slush fund for trial lawyers or Administration officials seeking to paper over their own misguided decisions. BP should be held accountable for the full cost of this disaster – the taxpayers shouldn’t pay one dime – but that money must be directed to where it can be most effective in stopping this leak and aiding the recovery effort.

“I sincerely hope that the Obama Administration will not try to use a crisis made worse by its own failings to score political points on the backs of Americans living and working on the Gulf Coast. This moment demands a call to action based on our shared interest in stopping this leak, cleaning up this mess, and finding out what went wrong.”

As I have said before, this fukktard does not represent my area of Ohio (Thank heavens), and the man is a bloomingfuckingidiot!

The tragedy of the loss of lives on the oil rig and the devastation to the oceans and livelihoods of thousands is sad and needs to be addressed, but I personally have some issues as to where people wish to lay the blame.

I blame BP 1000%!! Need I say that again? These oil companies or any other manufacturer or processor needs to be able to deal with any and all crises that may develop within their individual businesses...that includes have the technological know-how to address possible oil spills and the cleanup involved.

Why are people getting mad at Obama and the government for not having this spill cleaned up by now? What department and/or people physically deal with this area of expertise on a daily basis. Do not tell me the Coast Guard - they have some experience with minor issues in this area, but nothing on such a large scope, nor do they have the equipment readily available. As a government, the various departments are setup to establish guidelines for various industries, to ensure that the industries themselves can deal with their own accidents.

Some are making comparisons to Hurricane Katrina, and I also do not see that correlation. The hurricane involved immediate life threatening situations, and our citizens were being ignored - that was Pres. Bush's problem...and don't forget "Brownie!" That administration ignored the immediate needs of the people, misappropriated monies..and ultimately left and ignored a populated area of our country to fend for themselves.

BP has seen fit to ignore the families of the 11 men lost on this oil rig...supplemented a few fishermen with paltry sums of money, lied to the populace of the U.S., and like a certain political party....lied and put a spin on every step of this cleanup process. The media has been banned and forcibly removed from certain areas as well. I'm sure BP would enjoy total media manipulation, but I can't see that happening at this time.

The U.S. can mandate or possibly commandeer specific groups with proper equipment to work on this cleanup...but do we have the equipment at hand? The past department heads who allowed all the citations against BP to go unanswered, need to be held accountable as well.

Pres. Obama has suggested that these affected states now call up the National Guard to work on this disaster....that is all well and good...but where do they get the proper equipment to perform their duties?

The technology has to be developed, first and foremost, before these companies are allowed to BLOW SMOKE UP OUR ASSES, and submit papers filled with lies and bullshit in order to get operating permits. SEVEN oil companies have submitted plans to protect the WALRUS'S in the Gulf of Mexico, while also promising to be able to clean up any and all spills. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO WALRUS'S IN THE GULF OF MEXICO. What fucking idiots.

We need to question: why did it take someone so long to read all that was printed in these permit applications? I am also sure this is not the only industry submitting grossly exaggerated applications to our government....one has to know that in politics - there are many oversights made, just as any privately run business.

Now is not the time to lay blame for lack of cleanup on our government. Now is the time to find any and all assets available to assist in the massive disaster, and once completed....go after the assholes responsible. (I would suggest freezing BP's assets, so no huge bonuses are paid and money siphoned away from helping those affected by this spill).

So John Boehner.....you can kiss my fat ass, and hopefully pull your head of your ass, and get with the program. If ever there was a bipartisan issue to deal with...this would be it!


1 comment:

Jerry Critter said...

I have to really laugh when I hear a republican saying,

“I sincerely hope that the Obama Administration will not try to use a crisis made worse by its own failings to score political points on the backs of Americans...".

Is there anything that the republicans do that is not to score political points at the expense of the common American?

And "The Boner" is one of the worst.