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Sunday, June 08, 2008

When is TOO old - TOO old????

Having read this article, and it has also been on our local news - again I wonder, how old is TOO old to drive a vehicle, fly a plane, just work for pay in general??? Over the past many years I have read of the "elderly" ramming their vehicles into crowds (San Francisco market a few years back, for example), or they confuse the gas pedal for the brake, and run into buildings, other cars or people....YES! I believe after a certain age everyone should be tested again for these privileges.

In the past, I have heard of quite a few "snowbirds", those who travel to Florida during the winter months, from "up north"; often renew their drivers licenses in another state to avoid re-testing. In Ohio, there is no mandated age criteria for license renewal or loss, so wham-bam-thankya-mam - elderly drivers everywhere. If an elderly person has had an accident or moving violation, it is up to the individual officer whether to refer this person for re-testing, but definitely not a given. Don't get me wrong - I have nothing against the elderly, but realistically, their reflexes are much slower and other senses are less acute, making them a threat on the highways, or in this case - in the air. 86 years old is definitely too old to be flying a small group of people around.

Now, I run across this article...need we discuss driving a vehicle at 105 years old?!?! Actually this appears to be rather farcical - but point made!

This is an issue that needs to be addressed in our country, in a fair and equitable way, but again being very realistic. I understand that driving one's car is like the last bastion of independence, but there has to be a time to quit.

Off my soapbox now...later folks! TTFN.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

We have loads of elderly neighbors who drive. I'm only frightened when I see one lady get in her car. The others are pretty nimble (even if they are in their 90s!)

Chickie said...

Snowbirds. Bah. I'm glad it's hot here now and they've all went back Nawth.