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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Food for thought....I don't think so!

Now this takes the Cake! It appears that the controlling bodies of England, try to "talk down" to the masses. But I was quite intrigued by some of their expressions - most of all - not wanting to offend epileptics! OMG. I sort of have the feeling that either the leaders who came up with all the new verbiage, are SNOBS or just showing off!! I can use 50 cent words, but at least when I do, I know what they mean and the context in which they are to be used. These terms used recently, like COTERMINOUS (a situation in which two organizations oversee the same geographical area)- would throw anyone for a loop. Give me a break.

We had some hellacious storms last night, but so far, the day appears to be a nice one. Unfortunately, storms are still forecast throughout the day. I am going to a friends for a cookout on their deck, since thedaughter is off and I do not have to babysit! Time out for me - hooray!

Have a good day all and TTFN!


Evil Twin's Wife said...

Did you guys get the marble sized hail? It was so strange....

themom said...

ETW: You bet we did - I was worried about dents to my car (lucked out - none!) It was scary for awhile - perfect tornado situation.