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Saturday, February 23, 2008

What a lazy, sneaky HOUND!!

Our lovely dog, Angel, really has to be one of the best pets we have ever had. Someone dropped her in the neighborhood when she was a few months old (probably because she is a female), and she adopted us.

Since it has been so cold, my weird house has NO cold air returns upstairs, so thedaughter and thegrandson sort of "camp out" in living room on super cold nights. Also, thedaughter is not quick on "redding" up her bedding, and also I didn't make the mess, it remains on the floor till she gets home from work. If I have clients coming, I will pick it all up, if not I keep on working.

Anyway, Angel now thinks that all this bedding is there for her - and even a pillow for her head!

She has a perfectly adequate blanket in my bedroom, which she has chewed a hole in (don't know when, because she actually chews nothing)! When I get ready for bed, she comes in and goes to sleep on her blanket, unless psycho kitty gets there first. Since Angel is a passive critter, she refuses to devour the nasty feline. I do believe the next few nights are not going to be as cold - so the "children" can retire to their room upstairs again.

I have to get back to work now, the grandson has taken a lot of my time - he just had to have blueberry muffins - so they are cooling on the counter for him. He wants to get on the computer, but he does not understand that my work involves ME utilizing MY computer at the moment. So he's mad at me.

Later guys...behave and get better or stay well. TTFN!

1 comment:

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Love Angel snuggled up in those blankets! Too cute.