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Friday, February 08, 2008


This disgusting mess resulted after I blew out a 9 oz. jar candle, and I was waving the smoke away with my hand, and...belted that damn candle across the kitchen.

The first picture is the "side" of my pie safe which I use as a pantry and also where I had placed the frigging candle. The next picture is the wall beside the pie safe, on to the kitchen counter and was all over the once clean dishes. The final shot is the front of the dishwasher.

I have most of it cleaned up (or scraped up), and thedaughter tackled the floor and fronts of cabinets. I now have most of the shit off my dishwasher, but will be cleaning it for days, I'm sure.
Oh, and I just loved having to re-wash all the cursed dishes again also.

It must be old age, but I let everything worry me. Earlier this week, we were on "flooded basement" watch, as we have had torrential rains and flood warnings for days. This makes for sleepless nights...my heart starts racing - guess "anxiety attacks" is a better description. When facing a calamity I have no problems, but to sit and wait for one to happen is downright torture. And my touch of OCD, lets this WAX debacle really set me off. Thedaughter is like, "sit down and relax, we'll get it!" But I have to tackle it RIGHT NOW! Of course I have to bitch and squawk the entire time too. I am truly a delight to be around.

Since it is tax season and I am set up in my kitchen, I like to have it all straightened up - ALL the time. So that entails double duty. Needless to say, after dealing with this shit, I am doing no more returns for the day - how could I - after scraping all this wax off and scrubbing - I HAD TO REDO MY NAIL POLISH!! I am such a bitch.

Think I'll find some kind of pill to take...everyone stay healthy and TTFN.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

That is the worst (candle wax). I spilled some on carpet in our first house and was able to get it up successfully (and it was red wax on light colored carpet). I did some internet research and found a solution!

Grab a glass of wine and just chill for the rest of the evening!

Chickie said...

What a pain in the ass! I accidentally dripped purple wax on a white wooden cupboard and could never get the stain out.