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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Any Other Mutants Out There???

This picture isn't the best, but I have always had this "brown" spot in my eye, and in certain lighting situations - it really is quite noticeable.

Having had this "mutation" allllllll my life, I never think about it till I either see a picture where it stands out, or someone comments on the fact.

**** Thedaughter just informed me I must be brain dead to blog about "my eye!" I honestly think she may be right this time.

My demented husband thought (or at least he told me) my brown spot was sexy and weird all at the same time. Since I was a twin, I told him the genes were all screwed up somewhere along the line - and my eye color was in doubt apparently.

Enough of this crap already - just popped into my head and to the blog I went.

Theson emailed me from Cairo, Egypt wanting me to obtain an absentee ballot for him - Ohio's Primary is March 4th. Now, not as if this is late or anything, I assumed (bad idea) that I could go to the Election Board and get a ballot and FedEx it to theson and he would fill it out, and return as soon as possible. HELL NO!!! He has to "APPLY" for the absentee ballot - although I explained that I have his Power of Attorney, I was informed that it was no good in applying for a ballot. Bullshit! Then one of the women begins asking me "why did he wait so long?" To which I replied - "to drive me NUTS!" Note, I do not like this woman anyway - and would have preferred she just butt out.

Another woman is telling me that he can download the form from their website and then mail the application back to their office. I am not stupid by any means, but are they missing the fact that I said he was in Egypt and "time" is a major factor here? ELECTION DAY IS IN 2 WEEKS!!! After much BS'ing and stupid rhetoric - I asked - what is the deadline for counting absentee ballots? Answer: TWENTY DAYS AFTER ELECTION DATE! Now, the morons could have told me that initially - then I would not have had to get my blood pressure involved. My tolerance for idiots is so terribly low - I should probably take medication for that.

Needless to say, the process is now underway, via the internet (I also explained that major internet lines had been severed, and Africa was one of the countries suffering) - and moron at window said "Oh, I have been cooped up here for the past 5 days I hadn't heard!" Of course not - it happened 2 weeks ago MORON!!!

Enough garbage spewed for now - everyone stay well (I know I hear coughing and sneezing from a lot of blogs lately) and TTFN!!


The daughter said...

OK---RELAX!!! Your son loves to drive you nuts with the simplest of things. He will get his vote don't worry!! As to the eye thing...your are brain dead to be blogging about it but it isn't the brown spot that makes OUR eyes sexy, (i don't have it) it is the perfect shape and the way we do our make up that makes OUR eyes sexy!! Your brown spot just makes Colton wonder where your super powers are.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Love your eye(s). I had blue eyes all my life with yellow rays in both. I started taking a medication and my eyes turned greenish blue! Crap.

Chickie said...

I disagree. I this is a perfectly valid blog post! But then again, I think it is acceptable to blog about eye-booger eating dogs and anal sex gone awry.

I think the two tone eye is cool.